Pandolfo, Boggio and Garino begin their careers independently, but collaborating closely since 1981 in Varallo Sesia. In January 2001, the fellowship becomes an Associates Studio.

The three associates and a well knit group at professionals make up the Studio's competent and professional staff that takes care of each client by involving him in the decision making processes.
The staff's objective is to take care of any project's evolution, from:

the study of the environment and or existing buildings in which it is set and the related rendering drawings
the assignment of architects during decision making processes
the bi-dimensional, three-dimensional and environmental rendering
the graphics and the personalisation
the economic evaluation and the computation

The staff plans and designs projects as a team through on integrated system.
Unlike traditional planning methods, the integrated system considers the productive process as a combination of variable decisions and not as a repetition of operative sequences.
This group work involves interdisciplinary work on behalf of the staff that is qualified in the following processes:

Survey of pre-existing
Research on costs
Town planning
Care for project image and rendering
Structural survey
Works coordination
  For each of these processes, the group's experts carry out the tasks that need to be planned for a complete and successful completion of the project: they carry out all the necessary surveys with the support of external qualified experts, they envisage the look of the new project, they prepare the graphic elaborations, the technical reports, the budget estimates, the metric calculations, the analysis', the price lists and the tender specifications.
While the project is under construction, the staff performs routine economic and technical checks on the ongoing works so as to guarantee that the budget previously agreed with the client is not overrun.
The Studio has for long been using computerised systems for both design and accounts aspects.
Autocad and Archicad are used for all design purposes and they allow a simplified way of managing the three-dimensional projects, the calculations and the rendering.
This allows the client to virtually view the end result of the project he is commissioning.

Each project is carefully evaluated from an environmental point of view.
The Studio's procedures automatically include bio-climatic studies which make the project sustainable.
The main objective that the group intends to firmly pursue is to improve the environment in which we live from both an urban and a construction point of view. We believe the environment surrounding us is like a combination of many little 'cases' that, summed together, make our surroundings more or less liveable.
We would like to specify that quality doesn't necessarily mean spending huge amounts of money: it can merely be the result of rational and intelligent planning.

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